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Find everything you need for success in one place – from creation to marketing – and spend your time on what matter – execution.

Create Successful Content

Discover the secret to getting your articles read and shared on the Internet. Measure the returns from each article and get into a cycle of successful content creation.

Create Engaging Content

Generate an endless stream of content ideas that your audience will be scrambling to your website to read each time.

Create Epic Content

Evoke an emotional response from your readers that leads to impressive amplification through shares across the Internet.

Optimize For Search

Great content needs to be found in order to be read. Learn how to give your articles every chance to show up at the top of Google.

Get Targeted Traffic

Get the right audience in front of your content to amplify your returns with every article you create.

Grow A Community

Create a group of engaged fans who love and share your content.

Focus on the Right Metrics With Our Content Marketing Course

Focus On The Right Metrics

Data should drive all your decisions. Understand your data to ensure you’re always on the right track.

Outperform Competition

Learn the secret tips and tricks that will get you ahead of your rivals and keep you there.

Launch Your Content Marketing Efforts With This Course

Content marketing has quickly become a crucial element in the digital marketing strategy landscape for ANY business online today. Get insights into the process followed by experts globally that lets them grow their online traffic and make money around the clock from their business – even when they’re asleep!

Drive Your Traffic & Revenue

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It’s common knowledge that time is money, so stop spending your valuable commodity on trial and error. Sign up for this content marketing course to learn a focused strategy you can rely upon for results. If the results below are what you’re looking for, this course is for you.

Constantly Drive Traffic & Leads To Your Website

Constantly drive traffic and leads

Educate Your Leads

Educate and qualify leads (even while you sleep)

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Accelerate your business growth

Learn How To Launch Your Content Marketing Today

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About Instructor

Dhawal Shah - Lead Trainer For Content Marketing Course

Dhawal Shah

Technical Director, 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency

Dhawal Shah is an entrepreneur, writer and adventurer. He is the co-founder of Art of Style Club, the premier online lifestyle platform for the everyday man, as well as 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency, which has over 200 clients across Asia. He is also the technical guru behind Little India Directory, a portal for the Global Indian. Driven by adventure, he most recently summited Mount Kilimanjaro , the highest peak on the African Continent.

Razy Shah - Trainer - Content Marketing Course

Razy Shah

Digital Consultant, 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency

Razy Shah is the co-founder of 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency. Having worked on the entire spectrum from requirements gathering to project launch, he bring a deep understanding of digital consulting projects. As an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, he helps clients develop automated marketing campaigns that deliver results. He runs and contributes to #SpeakEasyAsia. He most recently gave talk to students at Institute Teknologi Harapan Bangsa in Indonesia.

Daniel Heerkens - Trainer - Content Marketing Course

Daniël Heerkens

Digital Consultant, 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency

Daniël Heerkens is a Dutch Entrepreneur who speaks 6 language and studied in more than 4 countries. He developed an interest in Sustainable Products & Digital Innovations. Working previously for FMCG multinationals in The Netherland, Malaysia & Singapore he is now a Marketing Strategy Expert at 2Stallions. Driven by adventure, he most recently did a bicycle ride through Myanmar to raise funds for charity.


Dominic Cho

Society Staples (Social Enterprise)

It gave me a lot of direction on how I can start to create more content. Whatever I learned will help me create better infographics & content. I would recommend this course for the resources it provides to help startups like ours.

Daniel Milton

Bebop Asia (Digital PR Agency)

I really enjoyed the course, especially when Razy was talking about evergreen and timely content as it related very well to my work. And in Dhawal’s part on Analytics & Statistics, it was good to see how the numbers can be converted to the intangibles that I create.

Rebecca Bisset

Expat Living (Publishing)

I’m on a mission now [after this course]. It went through all the basics, explaining terminology that I can pass on to my sales team. It’s really good and just the right length of time.

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This course was updated in March 2017, and was first created in April 2015. We update the course on an as-needed basis when things change in the online content marketing world.


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Course Structure

Part I: Content Creation

1. The Past, The Present & The Upcoming Trends

2. Know Your Audience

3. Create Content Like A Pro

4. The Blueprint For Successful Content

5. Strategies To Ensure Your Content Over Deliveries

Part II: Content Marketing

6. Rank For Keywords

7. How To Generate Initial Traffic To Your Website

8. How To Grow Community That Loves & Shares Your Content

9. Understand ROIs To Ensure Your Success

10. Insider Secret To Dominate Your Niche & Outperform Your Competitors

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