Frequently Asked Questions

How long would I have access to the course as a student?

You will receive ONE YEAR of access. To continue having access and receiving updates beyond the first year, you will be charged 1/10th of your original cost annually.

How long are the courses?

For the E-book version you can do it at your own pace. The video courses are almost 3 hours long and have been cut into small, digestible and organized segments, so you can refer back when questions about specific topics come along after you’ve finished this course. This seems to be one of the features students like the most.

Is the course mobile and tablet friendly?

Yes, it is fully responsive and you can access it on the go.

Who can join the courses?

Anyone with the basic computer knowledge and a thirst to rock the internet marketing world can enrol this course. The training is specifically recommended for students, business professionals, website owners and marketing people who want to embark on a bright career.

Is the class actionable? Can I implement what I learn immediately?

Absolutely. We believe in execution, and these courses are filled with action items for you to implement, with strategies you can follow to develop a content marketing plan or SEO strategy of your own.

I have experience in traditional marketing; can I shift my career to digital marketing?

Yes, you can. Digital Marketing is different from traditional marketing. Most of the time, traditional marketing is reaching only a local audience even though it is not limited to one, going digital means you can reach an infinite audience and results are easier measured. Our courses can help you and your business shift from traditional to digital marketing.

Why do organizations hire SEO professionals?

SEO is crucial to enabling a website to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs) of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Appearing on the first page of results has always been challenging and continues to become even more of a challenge as Google and other search engines constantly change its algorithms and technical parameters. , Poorly-planned SEO can actually do harm to businesses and their online reputation, so it’s imperative that companies hire SEO professionals that are trained and well qualified to drive their SEO marketing strategy.

Will I receive a certification for this course?

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate on successful completion of the training session.

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