Dominic Cho

Society Staples (Social Enterprise)

It gave me a lot of direction on how I can start to create more content. Whatever I learned will help me create better infographics & content. I would recommend this course for the resources it provides to help startups like ours.

Daniel Milton

Bebop Asia (Digital PR Agency)

I really enjoyed the course, especially when Razy was talking about evergreen and timely content as it related very well to my work. And in Dhawal’s part on Analytics & Statistics, it was good to see how the numbers can be converted to the intangibles that I create.

Rebecca Bisset

Expat Living (Publishing)

I’m on a mission now [after this course]. It went through all the basics, explaining terminology that I can pass on to my sales team. It’s really good and just the right length of time.

Frank Kuijsters

Digne Consult (Consulting)

I got an overload of information so I need to reflect on how to move forward and I can apply [what I learned] very, very soon. Applying it would benefit our business by generating more traffic to our website and get more interest from people to work with us.

Olwen van Dijk

AQ Services (Mystery Shopping)

The course surpassed expectations in terms of content detail and the amount of information that was provided. I would recommend this to everyone because it’s highly comprehensive and very detailed.

Muriel Boutin-Becuwe

PapayaPaths (Social Enterprise)

I learned about content marketing from a high level to a more technical and granular level so lots of information [to digest]. I didn’t even know what a persona was [before attending this course]!

Asmah Bivi

Training Vision (Education)

I had a surface level understanding of content marketing but this course was very helpful to build on this and take it to the next level. This course provided more than what I expected in terms of the way it was delivered, the questions answered and the ideas given so it will useful.

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